Inspiration came from I.F. Stone’s Weekly – a 60’s weekly broadsheet rendering of articles and comment on news. Back in the print age in Vancouver, about twenty of us gathered each week, bringing our clippings from various newspapers. Simply by recounting what we had found, mainly in the back pages, we deepened our understanding of what was happening in the world. We called the group MUCKRAKERS. It was fun. It took little formal organization or personal time on each of our parts. We were able to use what we had discussed in other forums and media.

For two years (2016-17, we produced a Muckraker Bulletin, covering a variety of issues including Brexit, pipelines, water, the new right and more.  Find these Bulletins on    We decided to put this activity under “closed for renovations” in late 2017.  We did so not because we were worried about how to produce the content, but because we were not reaching the audience we wanted.  We will resume the Muckraker Bulletin in one form or another shortly.  In the meantime, feel free to check out past Bulletins, or to contact us at (Rick or Liora Salter)

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