Not Alone is a communication tool for us as a community of people determined to counter the isolation effects of aging. Not Alone allows us to use our dedicated website or mobile app to provide each other with support – cultural, intellectual and physical – as we move into our mid-to-senior senior years. It is currently in development, and will be operational mid to late 2017. Not Alone operates mainly online or smartphone. Not Alone is accessible and easy to use. Not Alone allows us each to take responsibility. Not Alone is for mutual aid, learning and fun.

Not Alone is a membership group. When the Not Alone website/mobile app is up and running, it will be available to those who join, participate and pay for a subscription. Subscriptions will be based on a sliding scale, ranging from 60.00 year ($5.00 a month) to 240.00 per year ($20.00 a month). We will organize a simple way for people to pay monthly or annually.

In its current development phase, we are asking for people to pre-register as members, that is as people willing not only to help support the costs of developing Not Alone but also to work with us in testing the various services to see if they are useful, accessible and suitable for inclusion when we formally launch Not Alone late in 2017.

Preregistered members make a voluntary contribution payable to, a non-profit organization of 20 years standing.

We could feature, among other options:

  • Useful service providers: Members share contact information and comments about personal/medical care and home/house service providers.
  • Going places: Members announce travel plans if inclined to expand their group or have someone join them.
  • Invite: Members invite others to join them for a movie, play, concert or gallery, if they would welcome company.
  • Care community: Members who need or are willing to offer help for each other do so through this feature: a meal cooked, a ride home from the hospital, some e-advice on some issue, technical advice on a new or non-working device, books returned to the library, shopping etc…
  • Muckrakers: Members discuss recent articles of importance.
  • Quest for learning: Members prepare and lead on-line discussions on selected topics.
  • Connections: Members provide links and comments on other useful websites, podcasts and upcoming events, especially related to news and public affairs, both national and international.
  • Bedtime stories: Members read stories.
  • Critique: Members submit their art works, short fiction, nonfiction or poetry, and ask for constructive critiques for a curated discussion.
  • Play: Members share links to good puzzles and games.

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